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December 19, 2014


               Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority®
Pi Rho Omega Chapter
  It is my pleasure to welcome you the site of the Pi Rho Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Pi Rho Omega chapter, located in Chesterfield Virginia, was chartered April 4, 1987 and prides itself on the 27 years of service it has provided to Chesterfield County and the Richmond metropolitan area. Our dedicated members come together in the spirit of sisterhood and service and strive to make the world a better place. In 2014, Pi Rho Omega is committed to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s international initiative of Launching New Dimensions of Service by Connecting S.I.S.T.E.R. (Service Initiated through Sisterhood and Togetherness Equals Restoration) to Sister. The Launching New Dimensions of Service initiatives are:

·      Education Attainment

·        Health Promotion

·         Family Strengthening 

·         Environmental Ownership

·         Global Impact


     Additionally Pi Rho Omega partners with Chesterfield County Public Schools to offer Young Writers, a program to assist with literacy efforts within the community.

 Pi Rho Omega chapter is known for its outstanding service within the Mid-Atlantic region, and received numerous accolades for its accomplishments. Most recently, Pi Rho Omega chapter obtained the first ever award for media excellence. With a membership that has grown more than 150% and several years of award winning programs and service, there is no question that the Pi Rho Omega chapter is moving in the direction of cultivating global leaders and consistently turning the key of timeless service, and once again we welcome you along for the ride.


Despite the numerous program and charitable contributions of Pi Rho Omega chapter, members were determined to have a more profound presence within the community and established the Professionals Reaching Out to the Community (PROC) Foundation. We invite you to learn more about our foundation by


Through PROC, Pi Rho Omega funds programs through the community. Additionally, PROC offers an annual Beautillion to prepare young men for the rigors of everyday life, and annual Bid-Off and silent auction to raise money for local charities and provide business ventures for local businesses. The PROC Foundation’s efforts have afforded contributions to A Grace Place of Richmond, UNCF, NCNW, and NAACP and many more 501(c)(3) organizations within the community.


We appreciate you taking the time to view the Pi Rho Omega site. We invite you on our journey of being a change agent within your local community. Please continue to visit our website for information on local community events. Hope to see you there!


Dara J. Dugger





Contact Us

Pi Rho Omega Chapter

P.O. Box 35593

Chesterfield, VA 23235



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